Taste the difference. Experience elevated catering.


Teach your family to have a healthy relationship with food.

Hey, I’m Amy!

I believe food is a love language and that sharing a meal together is one of the most beautiful forms of connection we have. Being a part of life’s special celebrations is my favorite thing and I can’t wait to be a part of yours!

I handcraft events that are as unique as you are. Let me tell your story through the love language of food.

From appetizers to ambiance, I curate unforgettable moments. Let’s create yours.

I'm not just a caterer, I'm a culinary storyteller. Weaving flavors into memories, bite by delicious bite.

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Thank you for making our wedding day so wonderful.  Everyone was asking me for your number!

Shawna N.

Anything you make is heaven and the biggest hit!! You are the only chef I know where everyone eats!!! I could go on and on with praise for you!  I’m not kidding how much people love you and your food. I had about 10 ladies ask for your info. You are so so so talented and have such a gift!

Courtney N.

Everything was amazing! THANK YOU

Allison P.

Your food was unreal!!!!! Amy you are so talented!

Kristen H.

It was spectacular!! Perfect!! Thank u so much from start to finish!

Lauren M.

Thank you.  Everything was wonderful and the presentation was also wonderful.  I’m sure you will get lots of business. Your cards were snatched up!

Char M.

Food was Ahhhmazing… you are the best. Thank you so much. Everyone agreed that the food was phenomenal and were huge fans of you and the food!

Rose R.

Ok, the food was……..UNBELIEVABLE! Everyone was asking about you! The party lasted until 11pm then a second wave of neighbors came over and even though the food was cold, continued to eat until after midnight!

Taylor B.