Valentine’s Day – Dinner for Two

Ahhh, here we are again…February 14.

The romantic holiday that is supposed to celebrate those in love, yet is always plagued with stress leading up to it and disappointment after.

It has been my experience that Valentine’s Day almost always ends up with hurt feelings and tears and very little love felt–on both sides of the equation. This year, I say skip the dinner reservations, crowded and overpicked card aisles at the grocery store, boxes of candy that nobody needs to eat going into the upcoming swimsuit season and flowers that are severely overpriced and will go out in next Tuesday’s garbage.


This year I’m spicing it up and stressing it down!  I’m making barbequed turkey, jalepeno-sausage dressing, fancied up green bean casserole, cumin-roasted butternut squash with goat cheese and pepitas and a part gravy-part BBQ sauce that will really jazz up your holiday meal.