Cast Iron Skillet Steak & Perfect Cauliflower

It’s been almost a month since I got back from Napa and I met so many amazingly talented and beautiful people and I’m just so sorry that it’s taken me so long to tell you about all of them!  Over the next month or two I’ll be sharing recipes from some of them and plan to have a few “surprise” guest posts from two or three of my favorites who’ve agreed to contribute to my site.  If you’re not on pins and needles, you should be!

Two of my most impressive new friends were Peter Granoff of the Oxbow Wine Merchant {and Oxbow Cheese Merchant} and Kelly McDonald from the Napa Valley Wine Train.  Peter did a fabulous wine tasting for the crowd, which I wish I could share with you but cyberworld doesn’t do wine tasting very well {yet}.  But he also shared a recipe for an easy and fabulous roasted cauliflower that was to-die-for and while I don’t have either of the recipes exactly the way these two gentlemen prepared them, I’m doing my best off what I rememeber.  Kelly prepared a delicious pan-seared steak that he finished off in the oven and served over sauteed fresh spinach and a smoked goat cheese crostini…YUMM! right??  I’m telling you these folks are phenomenally talented.  They know their stuff.  I suddenly felt after leaving Napa that the rest of the world …LA, NYC were all just food posers.  Napa chefs got it going on.  For real.  And if you happen to have a trip planned to Napa anytime soon, you simply MUST visit the Oxbow Market and check out the fabulous selection of artisan cheeses and local wines AND book yourself a ride {and dinner} on the Wine Train.


MJ’s Rouladin

This is a big day for me.  I’m sharing {and preparing for the first time} one of my mother-in-law’s heirloom recipes, which also happens to be my husband’s ABSOLUTE FAVORITE meal in the entire world, which I am also delivering half of to my in-laws to enjoy for their dinner tonight.  A lot of pressure…for many reasons….I cannot screw this up…do you hear me?

I’ve really enjoyed my time in the kitchen today…I had my tunes going and had so much fun putting together this wonderful little dish that my husband and in-laws were going to love!   With dinner near perfection, completely ready to package up for delivery at 5:00 o’clock, all was really FABULOUS in my world–for the first time in a few weeks around here.  But just before we headed out, I had to take my (wouldn’t-stop-squawking-every-twenty-seconds) son into the pantry to pick out  his post-dinner treat.  That’s when a pile of large pewter and porcelain platters fell onto my foot. 

~~~~~~so long perfect day ~~~~~~



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